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Work From Home: work from home smarter, not harder

Work from home.So, you either work from home or maybe are considering working from home. Let me share a tip with you that helped me tremendously when I began working from home (a few years ago).

There are many articles out there that deal with work from home topics such as setting up your office, setting up your computer, getting organized and a whole lot more. I’m not going to spend time on any of these. I want to zero in on one simple practice that can dramatically affect your overall productivity. That is, communication.

When I began working from home there were limited options available via the Internet for relaying information to prospective customers and clients.

    1. We would get on the phone and chat. (My monthly phone bill was on average $850).
    2. I would send the other party to my website to provide further information.
    3. I would then courier a package containing more information and often a CD containing a presentation of my product or service that I was marketing. (The packages content cost me $25 and each mailing cost on average $35. I sent approximately 20 packages per month. The average cost for packages was $500 and courier services averaged $700 per month).
    4. Then we would follow up on the phone days and often weeks later (playing phone tag at times) once the other party had time to review the contents of the snail mail package.

Looking back I can’t believe the overhead cost when I began to work from home. I now use a broadband phone that costs me less than $50 per month. I don’t worry about long distance charges and I can call more than 50 countries for FREE. But that’s not what I want to tell you about.

The key shift in business that saved me $20 in package content and $35 in courier fees X an average of 20 people per month ($1,200), plus $850 in phone bills (for an average overhead cost of $2,050) was when I began using online conferencing software.

In the beginning, the most affordable online conferencing systems were peer-to-peer. This meant the presenter (me) and clients had to download a program so we could communicate. There were many obstacles and challenges with peer-to-peer programs.

    1. Some clients had trouble downloading programs.
    2. Some people would NOT download programs for fear of viruses.
    3. Firewall and anti-virus programs often blocked these peer-to-peer programs.
    4. Internet speeds made it difficult to synchronize audio/video.

But I must say, when it worked, it worked well.

Webinar Software can SAVE you money.Times have changed. The Internet is evolving and new technologies make it easier to access webinar and conferencing software programs straight from a website without downloading anything. This is GREAT news for everyone. Obstacles are removed and you can get right to the point of your business.

With the changing of time and new technologies the cost of services must change with it. While some webinar software programs are still quite expensive there are affordable solutions out there, such as Audio Video Conference.

Audio Video Conference is a web-based webinar software program that both the presenter and client (participant) can access without downloading the program. Each person goes to a website and logs into the webinar room without having to download the application.

  • Faster Internet speeds make it easier for people to collaborate in “real time” using their webcams and microphones. Seeing people face-to-face when doing business can accomplish so much more than just chatting on the phone. Body language tells a lot about someone (I’ll cover that in another topic).
  • PowerPoint and video presentations can do, in a few minutes, what snail mail packages takes weeks to do.
  • Files can be transferred and shared in real time.

And, the list goes on. There are many reasons to use a web-based webinar conferencing software program.

Check out Audio Video Conference today and see how much money you can save, not to mention how much more productive you will be in your business.

Wishing your success in webinar conferencing.

Rodney Brace

~End of blog post.~

Webinar Software

Audio Video Conference webinar software.Webinar software is a great tool that makes it possible for people from anywhere in the world to get together in real time to collaborate, chat and learn. There are many online webinar services available. Just go to Google and search for yourself.

Everyone has their own reason(s) for choosing a particular service. If “price” is your primary reason then you might be doing yourself, your business and your customers a disservice.

Many companies offer CHEAP and even FREE webinar services. Some do it for one main reason – to build their list. This means, if you subscribe to their service, you get added to their mailing list where they can then market other products and service to you. In the traditional “offline” business world it’s called the cost of buying a customer. Companies offer free or very cheap products and services so they can then market higher priced items to the customer over time. There’s nothing wrong with it and it has a high success rate.

When choosing any online service, be it online webinar software or something else, you should always cast a wide net to help make your decision. For example, sometimes it might be the wisest choice to pay a little more for the product to receive better customer service (just an example).

I receive daily, “Manta Tip of the Day” newsletter. In a recent article they posted, and I quote, “Contrary to popular opinion, most purchasing is not based on the lowest price. Service is a key component in many buying decisions and can take many forms: shorter turnaround in shipping, a customer-friendly website, dealing with problems quickly, admitting, correcting, and paying for mistakes. Excellent service almost always wins out in the end.”

At Audio Video Conference we provide a top notch conferencing software solution with top notch support. Why not it try for yourself?

Best regards,
Rodney Brace

~End of blog post.~

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