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Audio Video Conference webinar software.Webinar software is a great tool that makes it possible for people from anywhere in the world to get together in real time to collaborate, chat and learn. There are many online webinar services available. Just go to Google and search for yourself.

Everyone has their own reason(s) for choosing a particular service. If “price” is your primary reason then you might be doing yourself, your business and your customers a disservice.

Many companies offer CHEAP and even FREE webinar services. Some do it for one main reason – to build their list. This means, if you subscribe to their service, you get added to their mailing list where they can then market other products and service to you. In the traditional “offline” business world it’s called the cost of buying a customer. Companies offer free or very cheap products and services so they can then market higher priced items to the customer over time. There’s nothing wrong with it and it has a high success rate.

When choosing any online service, be it online webinar software or something else, you should always cast a wide net to help make your decision. For example, sometimes it might be the wisest choice to pay a little more for the product to receive better customer service (just an example).

I receive daily, “Manta Tip of the Day” newsletter. In a recent article they posted, and I quote, “Contrary to popular opinion, most purchasing is not based on the lowest price. Service is a key component in many buying decisions and can take many forms: shorter turnaround in shipping, a customer-friendly website, dealing with problems quickly, admitting, correcting, and paying for mistakes. Excellent service almost always wins out in the end.”

At Audio Video Conference we provide a top notch conferencing software solution with top notch support. Why not it try for yourself?

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