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Audio Video Conference

Peer To Peer Conferencing

Peer To Peer Conferencing, a new way to do business. The term peer to peer, for many, implies file sharing amongst internet users. In a sense that is correct but is much more sophisticated than simply file sharing.

Audio Video Conference uses encryption methods that are more than what most banks require. It is a one-way encryption. Basically, any information transmitted requires anyone receiving the information to be a participant in the conference room otherwise they are unable to decrypt the information if intercepted.

Information transmitted via our web conference software is encrypted. Security and safety are paramount.

Audio Video Conference

Understanding Peer To Peer Technology

Peer To Peer, often referred to as P2P, allows computers to communicate directly with one another rather than through a central server. To the right is a depiction of computers connected to each other via P2P over the internet. To accomplish this type of connection special P2P software is required.

There are many P2P programs available. Not all are safe. The free P2P, file sharing programs, like those used to illegally share copyright material like music often have risks. However, more professional programs like those you lease on a monthly basis such as conferencing software have more secure protocols in place. Audio Video Conference uses the strictest of protocols.

Peer To Peer conferencing is possible because each participant contributes their own bandwidth thereby not having to access a central server. P2P conferencing, providing your own bandwidth, is what reduces the higher cost associated with web conferencing via a central server. For more on web conferencing that uses a central server simply go to our web conferencing page.

Peer To Peer Conferencing

Safe, Affordable Online Conferencing

Safety and security is our number one priority here at Audio Video Conference. Our #1 video conference software uses 256 bit encryption: RC4 with hash MD5. This is twice what most banks require.

Whether you are transmitting audio, video, text messages or doing presentations, using the whiteboard or desktop sharing, everything is encrypted using one way encryption. One-way encryption ensures your information will not be vulnerable if intercepted. Every precaution has been taken to ensure users' protection and privacy.


Safety and security doesn't have to cost you an arm and a leg. Peer To Peer Conferencing is today's affordable solution to online conferencing.

If you have an internet connection then you are already paying for bandwidth through your internet provider. Why pay more bandwidth costs to use conferencing software? The basic features included with most P2P conferencing software is often enough. Some functions do require faster speeds and may have to rely on central server technology. Audio Video Conference provides an amicable solution.

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